Our Promise to You

We Promise

to passionately serve you, not only by providing diagnostic and auxiliary services, but also by building a long lasting relationship with you and your team. Our team is committed to consistently providing services that exceed industry standards.

With our 30+ years of experience, we have built a team of committed, passionate, and detail-oriented lab technicians ready to deliver exceptional quality and support to our clients. Every day we strive to achieve the highest ethical standards, provide precise accuracy, and exceed client expectations. Our labs are performed with the latest technology as staying up-to-date is essential for quality results.

Providing our clients with the attention they deserve is at the heart of what we do.

Quick Access to Your Results

Once your lab tests have been completed, your results will be available online. You can securely access your results from any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with the option to search for a specific report or browse your reports by dates.Our web portal uses advanced encryption and SSL technology to connect you to your results securely as soon as they are finalized. With 256 bit AES Encryption, your connection is always protected.Receiving your lab results has never been easier. We guarantee fast results so you can get back to serving your patients with ultimate care. 

Nationally Licensed and Accredited

We perform a large variety of laboratory tests for health care providers throughout the United States. At Advanced Biomedical, our mission is to understand each of our customer’s needs by providing accurate and reliable laboratory results quickly and securely.

We combine the diagnostic capabilities you expect, with the rapid turnaround and service you and your patients deserve. If you have any questions about Advanced Biomedical, contact us today.